Pam started with the Sale club at the beginning of September 2018 and was already making headlines by the end of the year!  She was a hot contender for our 'Runner of the Year' award in December, nominated by many in the club who were just so inspired by her journey.  Pam was a complete beginner when she started with the #MileShyClub, had never exercised before, and had been obese for over 30 years.  Pam readily admits she isn't the fastest runner in the club, but for her it's all about the taking part.  She is often accompanied by runners during races who want to take the pressure off and enjoy running with a friend.  Pam has lost an amazing 4 stone since starting with us, but it is her wonderful friendship that makes her so special to us all!


Iram first started coming to the club at our Sale Water Park sessions in the Summer and was full of doubt about her ability.  She didn't believe our coaches when we said she could work up to running 5k - she was adamant that it wasn't going to happen. Week after week, Iram showed up, progressing just a little further, much to her amazement. Her family didn't believe that the girl they knew who never exercised before was learning to run, so much so, that they came down to watch (in disbelief!) 

Even the little things like our warm up games sometimes seemed impossible, but after some perseverance, Iram has now mastered lunges (most of the time!)

The Club has given Iram the confidence to try out distances she never thought possible - there is now no stopping her!  Incredibly, Iram recently completed the Media City 10k in 50 minutes, 47 seconds and the Wilmslow half marathon in 1 hour 55 minutes.  Phenomenal achievements for someone who started out as a beginner runner with us last year.  Kudos Iram!


Janette joined the Urmston club from our first session.  Initially very quiet, Janette settled in with the many other runners and got on with the job in hand.  There was no fanfare or social media sharing of her success, Janette very determinedly plodded away, sticking to the plan, completing her first 5k with the club.  We weren't long into our sessions before this amazing lady shared that she was only recently in remission from cancer, which makes her achievement all the more incredible. 

Despite overcoming personal challenges, Janette has made the majority of our sessions, even bringing her family down to join in!  She had one more trick up her sleeve though!  When we started advertising for new coaches, Janette jumped at the opportunity and we are delighted to say that she is now a qualified running coach and has started to take her first sessions at the club! We are so inspired by this incredible woman and can't wait to watch her develop further with us. 



David was one of our fans but took his time coming to the club. Eventually, he got the guts to come and has never looked back. David has given us permission to post the following which he shared with us recently, and which inspired so many of our members. Take a look at the pictures below too!

“Looking at all the inspiring running outings and stories lately and in particular the London Marathon yesterday I thought I would post my very first run. It was day 1/week 1 of C25k and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I couldn’t run more than about 2 minutes and was about 2.5 stone overweight. The gaps between the August and the January are when I slipped my disc - as was the gap between January and April. Anyway I stuck with it. I was an enthusiastic watcher of the MileShy page and went along tentatively when I got the chance. I have found friends for life that are too numerous to mention on here (not through running - directly through MileShy) and a hobby that I love (99% of the time). I’ve gone from this picture through 5k, 10k, half marathon and earlier this month I completed the Manchester marathon inside 3 years with 2 slipped discs. Still not much faster though…

So, the point of this post is this: if you’re watching the page and are too nervous to go to a session (never ran/not fit/can’t run/overweight/don’t know anyone etc) just get along to Urmston or Sale. It’ll change your life. If I can, you can.”

These are just some of our inspiring runners at our club.  There are so many, we just can't fit them all here...

stay tuned for future inspiration!