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This loved up pair started coming to the Club a few months ago and haven’t looked back.  Already a runner, Bram wanted to support his other half in starting her running journey and would often accompany Charlotte at sessions, coaxing and motivating to go that bit further.  With a very busy schedule focused around studying for a PHD, Charlotte has now accomplished her goal of running 5k and the pair are able to go out running together as a couple! Bram enjoyed helping Charlotte so much, and has become such an integrated part of the #MileShy team, he is now on course to become a Run Leader with the #MileShyClub and will qualify at the end of March 2018.

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Dawn herself will admit that she came to the club for some much-needed “me-time”.  Life before running evolved around being a fantastic mother and a wonderful dedicated carer for her father, but like so many of our runners, Dawn needed to find a way to bring a bit more “fun” into her life.  Cue the #MileShyClub! Dawn has become one of our great success stories and is a regular attendee at the Club, and has even completed 4 ParkRuns! Further to this, Dawn is going to be running the Manchester 10k with the Club when sessions start at the end of March 2018. We are also very thankful to Dawn for her love of cake and how this motivates most of us to run that little bit faster…



Mark’s previous experience of running was a last-minute agreement to do a 10k Total Warrior, followed by weeks of agonising, “Why did I do that?” Wanting to get fitter in a less painful way, Mark accidentally came across the #MileShyClub online and popped down to see what we were all about.  Mark is now one of our most regular attendees, and most avid supporters.  He frequently turns up wearing new clothing prototypes with the #MileShyClub logo, he has become the Club’s supplier for medal holders and his sense of humour and hilarious banter really makes the sessions so much more enjoyable for everyone.  Furthermore, it is obvious to all of us here at the Club that Mark is now fitter, healthier, stronger and just downright more sexier than when he first started… well done Mark!


These are just some of our inspiring runners at our club.  There are so many, we just can't fit them all here...

stay tuned for future inspiration!