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Volunteer Rota - Sale and Urmston Clubs

If you would like to become one of our awesome volunteers, please complete the form below!

Please note that all levels of coaches must be qualified as a minimum at LiRF standard. Tail runners need no coaching qualifications, and are very much sought after! Our tail runners stay at the back of the 5k groups to ensure that no one gets left behind. Simple enough job, but incredibly important to all our runners. Our Thursday sessions do not currently need Assistant Coaches or Tail Runners, and if that changes, we will let you know here!

If you would like to learn more about qualifying as a coach, or lots of other volunteering opportunities at the #MileShyClub, please do drop us an email at!

Location Date Coach Assistant Coach Tail Runner
Sale Thurs 17th Jan Bram
Sale Sun 20th Jan Jane Karen M
Urmston Mon 21st Jan Jane Bram
Sale Tues 22nd Jan Jane
Sale Thurs 24th Jan Bram
Sale Sun 27th Jan Sam
Urmston Mon 28th Jan Jane
Sale Tues 29th Jan Jane
Sale Thurs 31st Jan Bram
Sale Sun 3rd Feb Jane
Urmston Mon 4th Feb Jane Bram
Sale Tues 5th Feb Jane
Sale Thurs 7th Feb Bram
Sale Sun 10th Feb Jane
Urmston Mon 11th Feb Jane
Sale Tues 12th Feb Jane
Sale Thurs 14th Feb Bram
Sale Sun 17th Feb Jane
Urmston Mon 18th Feb Jane
Sale Tues 19th Feb Jane
Sale Thurs 21st Feb Bram
Sale Sun 24th Feb Sam
Urmston Mon 25th Feb Jane
Sale Tues 26th Feb Jane
Sale Thurs 28th Feb Bram
Sale Sun 3rd March Jane
Urmston Mon 4th March Jane
Sale Tues 5th March Jane
Sale Thurs 7th March Bram
Sale Sun 10th March
Urmston Mon 11th March Jane
Sale Tues 12th March Jane
Sale Thurs 14th March Bram
Sale Sun 17th March
Urmston Mon 18th March
Sale Tues 19th March
Sale Thurs 21st March
Sale Sun 24th March
Urmston Mon 25th March
Sale Tues 26th March
Sale Thurs 28th March
Sale Sun 31st March
Urmston Mon 1st April
Sale Tues 2nd April
Sale Thurs 4th April Bram
Urmston Mon 8th April
Sale Tues 9th April

Volunteer Form

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