Hello 2019! New sessions and our birthday!

We started the New Year in style! Urmston launched on the 7th January, with over 40 newbies to running taking part - we were absolutely astounded at how many people turned up! We always said we’d go to Urmston if Sale did well…

Then on Tuesday 8th January we restarted our popular Sale sessions, which again had a fantastic turnout. To make the night even more special, it was our 2nd birthday so there was cake for everyone! There was even a poem, which we felt we just had to share (thanks Sam!):

MileShy, MileShy

This is the story of MileShy,                                                            

Started by Jane, with a twinkle in her eye.


January 2017 was when it all began,

She turned up at Sale Waterside clipboard in hand,

Nervous and twitching and not knowing what to do,                                                   

Hoping at least someone else, would show up too.


Kath and Parveen showed up on day one,

Nervous and excited, as they had never ever run,                                             

They enjoyed it so much that they decided to stay,

Now Jane can’t get rid of them, no matter what she says.


Over the last two years,

Members have come and gone,

It’s like one big family,                                                                                                                      

With lots going on.


It started out as a Couch to 5k,

But the Club has progressed in a big way,                                                                 

5K, 10K and Marathons too,

Whatever your goal, MileShy is for you,


To help you on your journey,

There is an excellent team,

Sam, Bronagh, Bram and Jill,

To name but a few!!


Wanting to do 5K and above,

Then Coach Bram is your man,

Every Thursday he appears, with cones in his hand,                    

Round and round the waterside he goes,

High Knees, Squats and point them toes,


Mental Health Issues are at the forefront of Jane’s mind,

Having struggled herself, she devotes it a lot of time,

Making sure you are put at ease from day one,

She has her amazing ambassadors,

Clairey and Trish, to help you settle in


Primarily a running club,

It has a social side too,

From Glow in the Park, to the Mo run,

And even the odd party or two,


Winning awards along the way,

Such an inspiration, what can we say,

To club and coach, of the year, 

For this achievement we need a cheer,


If after hearing all this,

You are still not happy,

Feedback can be provided, to our very own Mr Jolly,

Big or Small, we want to hear it all,

To help us grow and learn some more.


So now that MileShy has reached the age of two,

We would like to propose a toast,

To Jane and the MileShy crew!!!