Think you can't run? Don't fear, #MileShyClub is here

Published by Sale Messenger Newspapers

RUNNING is one of those things that can seem like an impossible task – but not if you are in the MileShyClub.

Jane Wilby-Palmer, a marathon runner and recently-qualified running coach and fitness instructor, is pushing her new not-for-profit running club, aptly named the MileShyClub, to everyone who thinks that they can’t run.

The “complete beginner” running club meets every Sunday at Sale Waterside, opposite the Slug & Lettuce at 9am.

“Running is one of those activities that people say they can’t do, and there’s a lot of admiration for those who do,” said Jane.

“Most people give up after their first run, and decide they are more suited to the confined space of a gym, before losing the will to live and giving up completely.”

The club took off at the start of January and is going from strength-to-strength.

“We had an amazing turn out on day one,” said Jane. “33 people from Sale and the surrounding areas just wandered up to the canal at 9am and we just had an absolute blast.’

The running club has had to move quickly with demand, and despite rain, snow and even ice, a new 10.15am session starts this weekend for those who turned out at the beginning and are now progressing to their second mile.

“We trialled a coloured coned route along the canal for members to run/walk their session, and each week for those who wanted, homework handouts based on the NHS Couch to 5k programme were distributed,” added Jane. “Some of our members are working their way up the different coloured coned routes which has proved popular and a good way to bring a bit of fun to running.”

Jane said many of her members are wanting to continue toward the 5k and once they have reached this, they will go to Park Run.

“The club however, is firmly committed to bringing the sport of running to anyone who wants to try it, and we’ll be there at 9am by the Sale Waterside, opposite the Slug and Lettuce for anyone wanting to give it a go,” she added.

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