The #MileShyClub gets bigger across Saletown!

Published by SoSaleTown

Colour coded cones, group warm-ups and 1 mile run along the canal by the not-for-profit Mile Shy Club to give you techniques and help to get you into running!

The MileShyClub is a running club aimed at those who want to give running a try, or as Jane Wilby-Palmer, the club owner says, ‘for those who have tried and sworn never to run again!’

Currently based in Sale, at the Sale Waterside, the Club has started to gain a positive reputation for its colour coded cones and group warm-ups that are now a regular feature by the canal at 9am on Sunday morning’s.

Jane is a recently qualified running coach and fitness instructor who left her full-time job last year to set up the not-for-profit organisation with a desire to bring the sport of running to everyone.

‘I love running and only came to the sport around 10 years ago after deciding the 20-a-day smoking habit had to go.  It gave me some ‘me-time’ when raising the kids, kept me fairly fit, was way cheaper than a gym… and ultimately had a transformative effect on making my life great.  I became one of those [whispers] marathon runners, and even a [whispers again] running blogger, and I got to a point last year where I just decided that I had to find a way to shout about and show others how great this sport really is.’

So, summarise a typical 9am Sunday morning session.

‘Our 9am session involves very little running initially; we do a group warm-up with teaching points on running technique and then off we go for a run/walk with the coloured cones along a mile route, followed by a cool down and post-workout stretches, which again are taught.  It’s about giving people the skills they need to continue their fitness journey, whether that be with the MileShyClub or one of the other great running clubs in the area.’

The club has been so popular that Jane is proud to highlight that a group from the club are now moving to a 10.15am session, to focus on running 2 miles.

‘And then when we’re ready, we’re going to try out a local ParkRun,’ she says with a smile. 

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