The #MileShyClub goes on the #MileShytour with a visit to Stretford ParkRun!

We had five newbies this morning and many more supporters at Stretford ParkRun today.  What a morning and a wonderfully warm welcome from Stretford ParkRun! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to ELIZABETH who impressed us all with her gutsy determination to get through her very first ParkRun, to ANDY who took off miles ahead of us and as we expected finished in a great time, to IRAM who isn't even on Facebook but as one of our Tuesday night runners has been super fun to work with and who loved every minute of today, to ELISE who remained steady throughout and finished brilliantly with a smile, and to LISA who ran the entire 5k in one go and can go back to the park in the week with her dogs and say I DID THAT. Great thanks to all our other #MileShyClub runners (and other supporters) who turned up and stayed to cheer all of our beginners through the finish line. A little thank you to to Lisa for the present you bought Jane too!